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PictureBook Studios proudly present...'The Hilarious PictureBook Photo Booth'

Take a walk down our red carpet in to a world of mischief, madness and mayhem! Our lovely photobooth attendants, 'Tranny' and 'Rosanna' are waiting to give you a make-over you'll never forget! Gok Wan is soooooooo last are about to be made-over 'PartyBooth Style.' Make-over complete and ready to go, it's on to the red carpet walk way 'Hollywood Style' as you strut your stuff down in to the PartyBooth where a world of mischief and mayhem awaits you! What happens inside the photobooth, stays inside the photobooth, or does it? Work it, own it...own it, stop, turn, pose and shine! The camera loves you darling! With 5 second intervals between takes, there's even time to swap costumes and props! Be careful with that inflatable guitar madam, you don't want to snap your G-String!

Photo shoot over, it's time to dry your eyes and reapply your make-up (fellas) as you step back out on to the red carpet where your adoring public await you. Don't forget to collect your prints from our lovely photobooth attendants, 'Tranny' and 'Rosanna!' Now follow the red velvet rope barrier through the VIP lounge to the guest book and give us your autograph next to your pictures! That's it, all done! You're a super star! Now catch your breath and compose yourself, mingle with your fans a tad, before you return to do it all over again!


A typical night inside one of our hilarious PartyBooths



The picturebook partybooth directors cut package the movie premiere package price list

The picturebook partybooths with Hollywood VIP area and Oscar statues

We supply a hand made guest book for you to autograph and write a message along side your photo booth pictures!

Picturebook PartyBooth Bespoke Vintage Handmade Guest Books Photo booth guest book

What happens inside the photo booth stays inside the photo booth right? .... Wrong!

We upload all of the pictures from the photobooth to our Facebook page for all you VIP's to view and tag.


Tranny & Rosanna our lovely photo booth attendants


To hire our Photo Booth, we secure your booking by taking a non refundable deposit of £100. The remaining balance is payable 2 weeks before the event. We accept all major credit / debit cards.


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